This body of work represents my exploration into 3 dimensional sculpture, using clay and plaster as my mediums. Most of my work is figurative, with occasional forays into the functional realm.
I love the human figure, dressed or nude, all its detail, mass, movement and emotion. It always has something to teach me and nothing I can imagine holds as much power as those understandings I have received through direct observation.
I’ve always been most excited when I find myself working near a place of non-recognition, when the charcoal or clay starts to disappear into chaos, yet it still holds a sense of order, of the recognizable. That’s often when there is energy, marks banging against each other, as atoms do, grabbing and pushing away its neighbor, in a dance that forms our world. I want my marks to reflect that interaction.
I am not attempting to replicate, but interpret through the use of marks, abstract forms and interaction with light. Each figure finds an inner conversation which is manifested in the body gesture, aspect and pose, and it’s that conversation that grabs the artist and the viewer, asking us to stop and look.