Sold Dot
Let the world run through me, like a deep pool
I float, sink, and rise again
aware that I could die here
or gather my strength and break through the surface
catching my breath and carrying on
we burst into this world, and we float away
before we know it

– Hasso Ewing

This solo installation explores concepts of inner and outer worlds, and the relationship between self and other through the experiences presented in plaster gauze figures

I see this installation as having four parts. Starting in the front window with two casts of my body, I explore breaking through barriers, which could be birth and death, referring to my first granddaughter’s birth and my body as it inches ever closer to death, or to my ever expanding meditation practice breaking open my experience of life in this body

In the main gallery are poolside swimmers as they navigate various life experiences of loneliness, conversation with the self and others, or taking risks and ‘jumping in.’ My titles are open and suggestive allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks, creating their own stories based on their experience. The faces remain blank, expressionless and undefined because they are intended to be universal

The backspace of the gallery is curtained off, allowing the viewers to enter another world, one that isn’t about life out there but life inside. Meditation is about quieting the mind, allowing it to float away, forgetting all the realities of our outward lives and relaxing into quiet. Please sit down on the bench provided and experience the quieting mind

In the small area we now call ‘the Back’ you will find a diorama titled ‘Who is the One Watching’ which refers to the idea that there is the body, the mind and ‘I,’ the unborn, the energy source that we come into this world with and like a mountain, standing unfazed, ever calm and always observing. I practice watching and observing myself without becoming involved with the complexities of the human experience

I am donating all my proceeds from this exhibit to three organizations that I strongly believe in and ones that need financial support right now. They are World Food Kitchen, Vermont Food Bank and The Front gallery. It’s been a tough couple of years and many need help
Works in Plaster